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Private Dog Training

Our Tailored Private Coaching Session ($350)


  • 2hrs initial consultation

  • A personalised training plan that specifically caters to your dog

  • Effective training and behavioural management strategies

  • Enrichment activities that resonate with your dog and their interests

  • Goal setting with an accredited Delta Institute dog trainer

  • Ongoing support after your session(s) for lasting results

  • Scavenging for scraps

  • Jumping on you and your guests

Excited, Nervous or Excessive Jumping

Having your dog jump up to greet you or your guests can seem cute when they’re a puppy, but it can quickly become a problem once they’re fully grown. Many dogs jump up to get their owner’s attention when they’re excited or nervous, and it’s a pretty successful tactic. After all, ignoring your dog’s jumping can be difficult, especially when it feels like they’re trying their best to bowl you over!

Thankfully, we’re here to assist you with getting the jump on your dog’s antics and teaching them how to stay grounded when asking for your attention. Whether you’re looking to prevent jumping from the get-go or you need a little assistance discouraging such behaviour in your adult dog, our behavioural training sessions can help.

Dog pulling on leash

Excessive, Fearful Barking

Has your pup decided to join the bark side? At Speak Dog, we can bring them back to the light and help them understand that when it comes to barking, there’s no need to force it. Your personal dog trainer will work with you to assess your pup’s physical and mental needs so we can pinpoint the cause of their excessive barking.

Once we understand the reason behind your dog’s behaviour, we can then work towards helping them overcome it. We’ll teach you how to recognise your dog’s triggers and redirect their energy in a healthy way, stopping you both from going barking mad and restoring peace once more.

Wet dog in water

Recall Training, Reactivity, and Leash Pulling

When a walk in the park feels like the exact opposite, a personal dog trainer can help you find the balance you’re missing. Going for a walk tends to be the most exciting part of any dog’s day, often rivalled only by dinner time. However, such excitement can also make your dog forget their manners pretty quickly, causing behavioural issues for many people simply trying to exercise their hounds.

Poor recall, extreme leash pulling, reactivity, and many other problems can arise the moment your dog gets out of the house. While it can feel discouraging to experience these problems with your beloved pooch, our private dog training lessons can help them get back on track.

Dog at the Beach

Scavenging, Begging and Jumping

If our dogs could talk, they’d no doubt tell us that the only way to get them to stop asking for our food is by just giving them a bite… or two… or three… However, we beg to differ. At Speak Dog, we’re here to step up to the plate and give you the training tactics you need to keep your dog away from human food.

We’ll help you prevent your dog from scavenging, discourage them from begging, and stop them from guilting you with those puppy-dog eyes, no matter how cute they may be.

Dog Tricks

Adolescent Dog Challenges

Everyone knows that rebellious teens are a stereotype for a reason, and that stereotype doesn’t just apply to humans. Our dogs can also start to push back when they enter their adolescence, and even the most obedient dogs may find themselves suddenly testing the rules.

While this can surprise many dog owners at first and leave them questioning their training methods, the truth is that our adolescent dogs aren’t really trying to be naughty or defiant at all. Mostly, they just find themselves with an influx of energy and newfound confidence now they’re fully grown and are beginning to understand the world a little better.

In turn, this makes them incredibly motivated to interact with everyone and everything around them, which can sometimes lead to a trail of destruction made entirely out of toilet paper…

Our private dog training can help you provide your young dog with additional guidance and teach them how to safely explore without dismissing boundaries or causing accidental trouble. With our help, you’ll learn how to nurture your dog’s curiosity while keeping them on the right path as they continue to learn and discover new things

Dog's Portrait_edited.jpg
In-Home Puppy Training
We Can Help You With:
  • Toilet training, biting, chewing

  • Calm behaviour and alone time

  • Introduction to the new environment

  • Guidance for resident pets

  • Expectations and future preparation

  • And more...


What to Expect:
  • 1x2h initial consultation 

  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Effective management strategies

  • Enrichment strategies 

  • Working with an accredited Delta Institute dog trainer

  • Ongoing support for lasting results

Two French Bulldogs

Need Help with Something Else?

If your dog needs help overcoming a different kind of behavioural issue, the Speak Dog team can provide the personalised training and support you’re looking for. Reach out to our trainers today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you and your dog strengthen your bond and live in harmony.

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