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Behavioural Modification Packages

Say farewell to stress and open the door to a happier life with your beloved dog today! At Speak Dog, we provide an array of specialised dog training packages to help your dog successfully take on all kinds of obstacles so they can lead their best life.

Dog Training Inner West
  • Excessive barking

  • Dog reactivity

  • Dog recall issues

  • Dog pulling on walks

  • Chasing

  • Lack of impulse control

  • Scavenging for scraps

  • Dog jumping on you and your guests

Package #1

'Restore Peace and Happiness'

If you decide to continue working with me, you can add on a package. This package is designed to address a range of complex behavioural challenges your dog may be facing and bring peace, harmony, and happiness back into both of your lives. When you sign up for this dog training program, I will be there to give you the tips, tricks, and training guidance you need.

With our professional training tactics, we can help your beloved pup overcome any of the following behavioural issues:

What to expect:

  • 3 session package — 1x2h session & 2x1h follow-up session

  • Your own personalised training plan

  • Long-term behavioural management techniques

  • Enrichment strategies to help redirect your dog’s energy

  • Goal setting with an accredited Delta Institute dog trainer

  • Ongoing specialist support to encourage longstanding results

Package #2

"Unleash Confidence'

If you decide to continue working with me, you can add on a package. It can be stressful, frustrating and even embarrassing if your dog is reactive on a leash. Instead of making you both feel happy and relaxed, any outing together can quickly cause unnecessary stress that may often result in you wanting to turn tail and head home. At Speak Dog, we understand that this isn’t what either of you signed up for, and we’re here to help you make a change for the better.

Through this package, we are able to use our years of experience to help your reactive dog get the training they need. I will be with you every step of the way as you and your dog work towards making any outing together a real walk in the park.

We can provide you and your dog with the training and direction you require to solve a number of leash reactivity issues, including:

Dog Training Sydney
  • Lunging, spinning, or jumping

  • Excessive barking, whining, and/or growling

  • Raised hackles and other negative body language

  • Extreme pulling on the leash

  • Unpredictable or skittish behaviour

  • Inappropriate leash behavior

  • Getting unreasonably distracted by other people or animals in the area

What to expect:

  • 4 session package — 1x 2h session & 3x1h follow-up session

  • A training plan customised to suit your dog’s needs

  • Effective strategies for ongoing behavioural management

  • Enrichment tactics to engage your dog’s mind

  • Goal planning with an accredited Delta Institute dog trainer

  • Long-term professional support to ensure lasting results

Puppy Training Sydney
  • Introductions to new environments

  • Toilet training

  • Crate training

  • Alone time

  • Discouragement from biting and/or chewing

  • Learning basic manners and cues

  • And more… 

Package #3

'Puppy Power Package'

Embark on a thrilling journey through the joys, surprises, and challenges of puppyhood with us! Our Puppy Power Package will help you navigate the crucial first few months of your puppy’s life so they can grow into a confident, well-behaved adult dog with ease.

We can help you provide your cheeky new family member with the guidance and encouragement they need to build their confidence and master the following expectations and new experiences:

What to expect:

  • 3 session package — 1x2h initial consultation & 2x1 follow-up session

  • A tailored dog training plan that is made to meet your puppy’s personality and needs

  • Effective management strategies to use as your dog continues to grow

  • Puppy enrichment strategies to teach new skills and engage their developing minds

  • Creating objectives for the future with an accredited Delta Institute dog trainer

  • Ongoing support from your dog trainer for effective, consistent results

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